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Remote Patient Monitoring


Dr. Gaurav Aggarwala
Interventional Cardiologist
Introduces Pulse Connect

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Pulse Oximeter

Measures Oxygen Saturation

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Blood Pressure

Cellular-Connected Hypertension Monitoring

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Cellular-Connected Diabetes Monitoring

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Weighing Scale

Cellular-Connected Weight Monitoring


Sorting Medicine

Prescription medications can have side effects on your physical health. Although negative side effects are less common, it’s important that your healthcare providers are able to look out for them. Through the Pulse Connect at-home monitoring program, your physician will get an update on your physical health every month. This allows them to provide you with a tailored treatment plan and care for you better.

How Pulse Connect Works


We will ship you a box with health devices and train you on how to use them.

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Our Clinical Team will text or call you on an as-needed basis, reminding you to take your vitals (i.e. blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure).

Blood pressure reader


Your data will be sent directly to your provider. This allows them to intervene in your care and possibly prevent a trip to the ER and reduces the need for frequent office visits.

Signing a Contract

How to sign up

If you are interested in joining, let your physician know. They will send an order with your contact information to the Pulse Connect Onboarding Team. The Pulse Connect Staff will ship devices to you and contact you to schedule a time for quick training.

Frequently asked questions

Why am I being recommended for this?

At-home monitoring will allow you to record your vitals from the comfort of your own home. Your doctor’s team of nurses will be able to view your vitals from the office every day. Any changes in your blood pressure or weight will be reviewed by your healthcare team.

We have partnered with Athelas to provide you with these devices.


What devices will be sent to me?

A combination of devices are selected uniquely for you depending on your existing conditions and medications. These devices will be listed on the onboarding page when you enroll online. If enrolling over the phone, the Pulse Connect Onboarding team will walk you through which devices were selected for you.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll by visiting and following the prompts to confirm their information. Alternatively, you can enroll via phone by calling 281.524.4528.

Who can I ask questions about the program?

You can contact Pulse Connect at any time with questions by calling or texting 281.524.4528

Will my information be secure and protected?

Absolutely! Privacy and security are our #1 priority. Pulse Connect is HIPAA compliant and all patient data is fully protected.

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